Brandon Sutherland:
I'm really grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Jeff at the National Research Council of Canada as an undergraduate student.  He was one of the best supervisors that I've had the privilege of working with throughout my academic career.  Jeff is undoubtedly an expert in theoretical and experimental quantum optics, but he is also the type of supervisor you could ask to help troubleshoot a programming problem, teach you how to operate a drill press in the machine shop, design and fabricate a complex circuit, fix your home internet networking problems, tell you where the best restaurants are in the city, or just about anything else.  He has tremendous passion and dedication to not only his research, but science, technology, and the enjoyment of life in general.  Jeff is a pleasure to learn from, work side-by-side with in the lab, and go out for good food and cold drinks with after work and I can't think him enough for his influence on my academic career.

Aabid Patel:
I have gained more in the 4 months I worked with Jeff than I have in my entire undergraduate study. His method of supervision is one that I find quite rare in academia. Instead of acting as a delegating boss, he works alongside you and and with his down to earth mentality, helps you understand concepts while working through the task at hand. By no means does he sacrifice understanding versus getting the job done. He focuses on you comprehending all topics discussed but does it in a way that is tangible in the laboratory.  The work we accomplished in the 4 months lead to a major Nature paper, which is now a major part of my research record and I am forever indebted to his excellent supervision and the relationship we have built.

Corey Stewart:
Working under the direction of Jeff was an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience.  He truly gave me an appreciation for the scientific method I'd never before experienced and is a tremendously talented and approachable supervisor.  Working with Jeff in my undergrad motivated me to continue my academic pursuits in my doctorate and I've enjoyed every moment since!