Jeff Lundeen (Group Leader)

Jeff S LundeenI am a Canada Research Chair in Quantum Photonics and an Assistant Professor in the Physics Dept. of the University of Ottawa. Prior to July 2013, I was a permanent Researcher (Associate Research Officer) at the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada. I was born in Toronto, Canada. I did my undergraduate degree at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. After, I returned to Toronto to work with Dr. Aephraim Steinberg at the University of Toronto where I earned my Masters and Ph.D. in experimental quantum optics and  quantum information.  As a Postdoctoral Fellow, I then did experimental research in the group of Prof. Ian Walmsely at the Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford. After a brief stint at ICFO in Barcelona working with Morgan Mitchell, I moved to Ottawa.
PhD Thesis: Generalized Measurement and Post-selection in Optical Quantum Information

Rm 461
Advanced Research Complex
25 Templeton St.
Ottawa ON Canada, K1N 6N5
Phone: 1 613 562 5800 X 7637
Skype Name: jefflundeen
Rm 119
Advanced Research Complex
25 Templeton St.
Ottawa ON Canada, K1N 6N5
Phone: 1 613 562 5800 X 7965

Group Members

Lambert Giner
Lambert Giner (Post-doc) Phone: 1 613 562 5800 X 7138
Rebecca Saaltink (Grad Student)
Xinru Cheng
Xinru Cheng (Grad Student)
Jefferson Florez
Jefferson Florez Gutierrez  (Grad Student)
Matt Runyon
Matt Runyon  (Grad Student)
Guillaume Thekkadath
Guillaume Thekkadath (Grad Student)
Magdalena Richardson (Undergraduate)
Nate Carlson
Nate Carlson (Undergraduate)
Codey Nacke
Codey Nacke (Undergraduate)
Tyler Dacosta
Tyler Dacosta (Undergraduate)
Darren Chan
Darren Chan (High School)
Davor Curic (MSc. Student

Alexandre Charest (Undegraduate)


Matthew Horton
Matthew Horton
Now: PhD Studies Cambridge
Alicia Sit
Alicia Sit
Now: Research in Ebrahim Karimi's group
Aldo Camilo Martínez Becerril Aldo Camilo Martínez Becerril's profile photo
Aldo Camilo Martínez Becerril
Marissa Baez
Marissa Granados Báez
Now: PhD Studies Rochester
Yamn Chalich
Yamn Chalich
Now: U. Toronto
Jash Banker
Jash Banker
Now: PhD Studies Caltech
Magdalena Richardson (Undergraduate)